March 28, 2021

Barong Macan Dance Bali (The Tiger)

Barong Macan (the Tiger) is a variation of Barong Dance Bali with the appearance of a tiger living in the forest, fierce yet amazing. Barong is believed to be a mythological creature who has magical powers, providing protection and safety for the villagers.

This barong has a large appearance resembling "macan" or a tiger, complete with hair ornaments and golden stripes on its body. This sacred dance is usually danced by two dancers and is accompanied by a Batel gamelan orchestra.

Tiger as one of the most frightening ferocious animals is believed to have supernatural powers to protect against the negative influence of evil spirits that attack the village.

The fierce impression still remains despite the simple appearance. The head or "tapel" is red colored with sharp eyes, decorated with a mustache, wide gums and sharp fangs. This artistic design has captured the essence of the character of a tiger, so that it can create a fierce and frightening impression to the viewer.

The performing art of Barong Macan dance is aimed as repelling reinforcements (tetulak bala) from the plague and disaster that attack the villagers, and asking for safety from the Creator. This sacred dance is usually held during important times through the Ngelawang procession, paraded around the banjar or village environment.


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