April 17, 2021

Joged Bumbung Dance Bali

Joged Bumbung is a traditional Balinese dance performance intended as entertainment (secular dance) for the community and tourists. The dance is one of the nine Balinese dances proposed to be the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. It is said that the Joged Bumbung dance originated from Buleleng Regency and is thought to have existed since the 1940s.

The word "joged" is defined as movement or dance. Meanwhile, "bumbung" is a local term which means bamboo. This is a dance or movement accompanied by bamboo music.

In the beginning, this dance was created by farmers as entertainment to fill their spare time. The dance is in great demand and develops into a popular social dance.

The dance is usually held at the end of harvest season, festivals, weddings, corporate events and others. This dance is performed by female dancers and is accompanied by a set of musical instruments made of bamboo called Grantang or gamelan Gegrantangan or Tingklik.

The Joged Bumbung dance is participatory in which the dancer invites the audience to dance together. This collaboration between dancers and the audience is known as "ngibing". Pengibing is usually dominated by men.

The dancer will approach the male audience and touch him with the fan as a sign that the man is invited. Furthermore, the scarf is tied around the man's body. Male audiences who are chosen usually feel impolite to refuse the invitation. Meanwhile, the wife is jealous to see her husband dancing with the joged dancer.

This dance has an agile, dynamic movement and involves improvisation. The dancer costume consists of: fabric (kamben), kebaya, oncer, and gelungan joged (a special headdress). The dancer carries a traditional folding fan which is played gracefully.


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