April 10, 2021

Barong Brutuk Dance in Trunyan Village, Bali

Barong Brutuk is a sacred performance and can only be found in Trunyan Village, Kintamani, Bangli Regency. It is said that Barong Brutuk is an ancient art and is thought to have existed since Pre Hinduism. Trunyan Village itself is a village at the foot of Bukit Abang, a serene place with beautiful natural scenery and amazing hereditary culture.

Barong Brutuk or in the local name “Ratu Brutuk”, is believed to be the depiction of “unen-unen” or the subordinates of Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat (male) and Ratu Ayu Pingit Dalem Dasar (female).

This sacred performance is held every two years, during the piodalan anniversary or Ngusaba (on Purnama Kapat Lanang) at Pancering Jagat Temple. Barong Brutuk is danced by male dancers from local youth groups. This show is held without the accompaniment of gamelan music.

Before the performance, the dancers undergo quarantine or a process of self-purification for 42 days. During this period, they lived near a megalithic statue known as Bhatara Datonta or Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat.

Their activities during the purification period include studying ancient chants or "kidung", collecting and sewing dried banana leaves or "kraras" into costumes for the show. They are not allowed to have contact with women.

Barong Brutuk dancers wearing “tapel” or masks. The tapel consists of the noble (king, queen, sister of the queen, and knight) and the rest are ordinary members (unen-unen). The costumes worn by dancers are made from dried banana leaves obtained in Pinggan Village. The dancers carry a long whip which is swung towards the participants.

The Barong Brutuk whip which hit the participants was believed to be a medicine or "tamba" for healing. Meanwhile, pieces of kraras from Barong Brutuk costumes are used as amulets for safety and are believed to provide fertility to the agricultural lands.

The participants try to approach the dancers to get the dried banana leaves that come off, while the dancers swing a whip at them. Barong Brutuk also threw several fruits to the participants as a form of blessing for welfare and prosperity.

The performance was started by the ordinary members of Barong Brutuk, walking around the temple while whipping their whips. Then came Barong Brutuk of the noble. The temple priest approaching them, placing offerings, and chants certain prayers. This noble also walking around the temple and joins the ordinary members.

Final show starts, the king and the queen dance together. This pair demonstrates an ancient movement, mimic the behavior of wild poultry. The king plays the role of "keker" or male junglefowl, while the queen plays the role of "kiuh" or female junglefowl. They lowered their heads, pecked and flapped their wings. This series of sacred performances is interpreted as a symbol of the meeting between women and men as a process of human life, called Purusa and Pradana.


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