April 1, 2017

Tumpek Krulut Bali - A Ceremony To Honor The Balinese Gamelan Instruments

Tumpek Krulut Bali, Saniscara Kliwon Krulut, The Balinese Gamelan Instruments

Tumpek Krulut is a ceremony held as an expression of gratitude presented to Ida Hyang Widi Wasa in the manifestation as Sang Hyang Iswara, above that the creation of sacred sounds in the form of percussion / gamelan.

The word "krulut" is derived from the word "lulut" which means "pleasant", in this case relates to pleasant sounds of the "tetabuhan" or Balinese gamelan instruments.

Tumpek Krulut Bali, Saniscara Kliwon Krulut, The Balinese Gamelan Instruments

Tumpek Krulut falls on (Saturday) Saniscara Kliwon Krulut, and is conducted every six months (in Balinese calendar) or 210 days. This is a ceremony to honor the Balinese gamelan instruments and often referred as "Odalan Gong".

Through this ceremony, Balinese hopes that the Gamelan able to bring a beautiful voice and has "taksu". Taksu is seen as inner power (spiritual) that provide intelligence and beauty. Then, out of tunes will give birth to beautiful movements as an art element.

Some ancient literature in the form of lontar, such as: Lontar Prakempa and Aji Gurnita, discusses the philosophical of gamelan. The implementation of various Balinese Hindu rituals is always accompanied by the sound of gamelan. The gamelan instruments used in the rituals activity basically has a very important and deep meaning.

The gamelan is able to bring divine vibration in a ceremony. Balinese believe that gamelan has an incredible supernatural power (major force). Gamelan is highly respected, one is not allowed to step over, or to split them, or leave them somewhere. The gamelan and paraphernalia must be kept together.

On this day, the Gamelan and paraphernalia are decorated with coconut leaf, along with the offerings, and the holy water is sprinkled over them. The members of the group Also gather to pray, be blessed, and play gamelan together. This is building the sense of togetherness.


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