May 25, 2017

Bingin Beach On The Bukit Peninsula - Pecatu, Bali

Bingin Beach Pecatu comprise a panoramic view of high cliffs, local fields, bushes and hardwoods, steep steps, lodgings, surf cafes, and pearly white sand combined with the blue sea at the bottom.

Bingin Beach Pecatu, Bingin Beach On The Bukit Peninsula, Bingin Beach Bali

Bingin Beach Bali

This beach is situated on the western side of The Bukit Peninsula, between Dreamland (New Kuta Beach) and Impossible Beach, in Pecatu Village, district of South Kuta, Badung - Bali.

The access to the beach below seems unconvincing, narrow pathways through local fields and residence, and lots of steep steps. If you plan to return from the beach after sunset, flashlight is needed due to no lighting.

Bingin Beach Pecatu, Bingin Beach On The Bukit Peninsula

There are two routes to the beach, the northerly and southerly steps. The trail down is full of steep steps, flanked by lodgings and cafes, and shaded by the bloomy frangipani.

The view of the ocean begins to greet you and accompany along the steps towards the beach. This incredible beach offers world class surf waves, clear sea-water for swimming, and lovely white sand for sunbathing.

The atmosphere here is truly relaxing and rejuvenates. The beach in not too extensive with white sand and beach rocks, big boulders with gorgeous green vegetation, and curling waves rolling up to the frothy edge.

Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere in a more private and away from the crowd. At the high tide there is no beach, so you can rest in the café and restaurant while enjoying the panorama, waves, cool sea breeze and also the sunset is mesmerizing.


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