June 13, 2021

Mbed Mbedan Tradition In Semate Village (Mengwi), Badung Bali

Mbed Mbedan Tradition is a hereditary procession held by the community in Semate Village, Abianbase, Mengwi, Badung Regency. The tradition is believed as form of respect for the holy man (Rsi) who contributed to the existence of Semate Village.

The mbed-mbedan tradition is similar to the traditional tug of war. The ritual uses ropes from “bun kalot”, a type of vine that grows in the village. This tradition is held on Ngembak Geni day, the day after Nyepi Day, and is celebrated regularly every year.

This procession was held in front of Pura Desa-Puseh and was enlivened by the accompaniment of Gamelan Beleganjur. Before the ritual begins, people pray together. This tradition is carried out by adults (men and women) as well as young people. They wear traditional Balinese clothes.

After being given a signal, the mbed-mbedan procession began. First, a rope from bun kalot is used, then it is replaced with an ordinary rope. There is someone in charge of tickling the participants, so they lose concentration. This activity was full of cheers and joy.

When the ritual is complete, residents gather and eat together enjoying "tipat" and "bantal" (symbol of purusa and pradana) that have been prepared. This is a moment of togetherness where residents forgive each other and strengthen their relationship.

Sources mentioned that in the history of the Semate Village (raja purana) it is told about a holy man named Rsi Mpu Bantas was on a holy journey, finding himself in a forest that was haunted and overgrown with white-colored trees.

There he met the descendants of Mpu Gnijaya. They were in the forest because they did not agree with the actions made by their king and were determined to stay in that place. Rsi Mpu Bantas, who knew that the forest was haunted, asked the residents to build a place of worship (shrine) so that they can live safely in that place.

After the shrine was successfully established, people gathered to decide on a suitable name. This process is not running smoothly and there is a tug of war in decision making.

To avoid unwanted things, Rsi Mpu Bantas gave the temple a name, namely Pura Putih Semate. The word "Putih" is taken from the white-colored trees that grow around the temple and "Semate" means a form of unity from the descendants of Mpu Gnijaya to live there, for life and death.

The tug-of-war process in determining the shrine name became the forerunner of the mbed-mbedan tradition, which means mutual attraction. The mbed-mbedan ritual is said to have started in 1396 Isaka or 1474 AD. This sacred tradition aims to asking for salvation to the Creator and strengthening relationship between villagers.


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