February 26, 2022

Wayang Parwa Art in Bali

Wayang Parwa is a shadow puppet theater that takes inspiration from the epic Mahabharata (Astha Dasa Parwa). The epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana play a vital role in Balinese tradition and culture.

It is one of the popular performing arts in society and also has close links with various religious ceremonies. This art is performed at night using screens (kelir) and oil lamps (blencong).

The Wayang Parwa show has a long duration (3-4 hours) and usually involves several people, namely: the puppeteer, the assistant puppeteer, and the penabuh of Gender Wayang.

This art performance is more of entertainment for the audience (secular). The plays that are often performed are for example: The Death of Bhisma, The Death of Abhimanyu, the Drupadi Competition, the Birth of Gatotkaca, and others. The Wayang Parwa performance was accompanied by Gamelan Gender Wayang.


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