March 31, 2022

Wayang Ramayana Art in Bali

Wayang Ramayana is one of the popular shadow puppet arts in Bali by presenting plays from the Ramayana story. This puppet has a fairly long duration of performance of about 3-4 hours.

This puppet show is for entertainment (secular), which is staged at night using a screen (kelir) and traditional oil lamp (blencong). Its distinctive feature is the appearance of an army of monkeys or Palawanga.

Wayang Ramayana or also called Ngramayana is performed by several people with roles consisting of: dalang (puppeteer), assistant puppeteer, and musician (penabuh). The dalang as the central figure plays an important role. The creativity of a puppeteer determines the success of the show, which is able to attract the attention of the audience, and the messages to be conveyed can be widely accepted.

As for the plays that are usually performed in the Ramayana puppet show, such as: War of Subali Sugriwa, Anggada Lina, Anoman Watungga, etc.

Usually, these plays contain moral, spiritual, and social teachings so that they become educational media (learning) as well as interesting entertainment for the people who watch. The Ramayana puppet show is accompanied by gamelan music Batel Gender Wayang (Batel Pewayangan).


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