March 2, 2020

Pura Tirta Pingit Besakih Bali - Holy Temple And Nice Hillside Panorama!

Pura Tirta Pingit is one of the Besakih Temple Complex, located in the south-east of Pengubengan Temple. In this holy temple there is a spring that is used as "tirta" or holy water during major ceremonies at Besakih and other ceremonies.

Pura Tirta Pingit Besakih Bali, Tirta Pingit Temple Besakih Bali

The temple is situated in Besakih Village, Rendang, Karangasem Regency, Bali. The public transportation service to the Besakih Temple Complex is still limited and a bit difficult for those who want to visit. You can consider several options, such as: using tour/travel services, a taxi, or rent a vehicle and drive yourself to the location.

You can park the vehicle in the parking lot available at Pura Pengubengan. From the access road near Pura Pengubengan, you can continue on foot to Tirta Pingit Temple, passing through the narrow path and also plenty of stairs.

The location of the temple is a little far from Pura Pengubengan and secluded, down the hills, and there are no food stalls or residents' houses nearby. It would be nice to bring snacks and drinking water. Walking through the path and stairs can be so tiring and make your breath panting.

 Tirta Pingit Temple Besakih Bali Pura Tirta Pingit Besakih Bali, Tirta Pingit Temple Besakih Bali

This temple is located in the ravine with lush green surroundings. The main shrine in this temple is "Gedong", a sacred shrine with a pyramid-shaped roof. When this holy water is requested for a ritual, offerings are usually made accompanied by holy prayers. There also other shrines, bale pavilion, and other supportive buildings.

Piodalan in Pura Tirta Pingit Besakih falls on Wednesday or Buda Wage wuku Kelawu (Wednesday-Wage of the week Kelawu). It is said in sources that the deity worshiped at this temple is the deity "Sanghyang Tirtha" or "I Dewa Tirta".

In addition to the piodalan ceremony there is also the "aci" ritual celebration. This sacred ritual is celebrated every year at Purnama Sasih Kasa, the full moon of the first month in the Balinese Calendar.

Many visitors come here to conduct a purification ritual or "melukat". They usually carry "bungkak nyuh gading", a young coconut with yellow-orange colored. The water from the young coconut will be used during the purification ritual. For those who want to request for tirta or holy water, should bring a container for the holy water.

Visitors will be treated to an awesome hillside view. Your eyes will be spoiled with a captivating panorama of pine trees, lush green hillside vegetations, grass and shrubs on the slope of the ravine.

Arriving in the temple courtyard, you can feel the serene atmosphere, shady as well as a beautiful environment. There are some hardwoods, fern trees and green grass around the temple. You can spend time while enjoying this beauty, breathe fresh air and feel the magical vibrations.


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