April 5, 2021

Barong Asu Dance Bali

Barong Asu is a sacred traditional performing art, a variation of Balinese Barong Dance. The word "asu" is a local term which means dog. Barong is believed to be a mythological creature who has magical powers and always provides protection.

In the wild, dogs are pack hunters who are notoriously vicious and feared. However, this animal is a good guardian of the house and is loyal to its master. Even in the puppet story, Yudhisthira or Dharmawangsa (Panca Pandawa) is told to go to heaven accompanied by a dog which is the embodiment of Sang Hyang Dharma.

Barong Asu has a face or tapel that resembles a dog, complete with canines and a movable lower jaw. While the body parts are covered with cloth and decorated with golden leather carvings, hair, crowns, and equipped with hundreds of small mirrors that reflect light.

This show is usually performed by two dancers, each in the head and tail. This dance is accompanied by gamelan Batel, Tetamburan, or Bleganjur.

The Barong Asu dance performance is usually held in the temple courtyard. This performance is also carried out through the Ngelawang ritual, where the barong is paraded around the banjar or village. This is usually held during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan holidays.

Barong Asu dance show is rarely found. Even so, this hereditary tradition is still preserved by the people of Tabanan and Badung Regencies. This sacred dance performance aims to repel reinforcements (tetulak bala) against plagues and disasters that attack the villagers and ask for safety to the Creator.


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