July 12, 2021

Sampi Gerumbungan Tradition In Buleleng Bali

Sampi Gerumbungan is a unique tradition involving cows carried out by the people of Buleleng Regency. The tradition comes from the activities of Balinese farmers when plowing the fields. These farmers belong to a group called “baga”. This tradition is thought to have existed since the 1910s. This cattle festival is held annually in several areas in Buleleng Regency, usually in August.

The term sampi gerumbungan comes from the the word “sampi” which means cow or buffalo, while “gerumbungan” means a big wooden cow-bell (keroncongan) which is hung on the neck of the cow. During the race, these cows will be decorated with certain ornaments, while the "sais" or coachman will wear traditional Balinese clothes.

Some source mentioned that the existence of sampi gerumbungan tradition is noted in the travel records of Miguel Covarrubias who visited Bali around the 1930s. Sampi Gerumbungan is said to be a celebration and sport to please the gods, practiced by wealthy farmers in North Bali.

This tradition has an important role, namely for the “nawur sangi” ritual. This is a ritual performed by farmers or farmer families who have made a promise (vow) that if they are successful in clearing land and get abundant results, then they will hold the sampi gerumbungan.

The cows that are competed have special characteristics, such as: having a well-built stature, raised head, not disabled, and easy to be directed by the coachman. This is a rare breed of cattle and has a high selling value. The assessment criteria include: head posture, gait, coachman skills and others.

The equipment used in the sampi gerumbungan is called "uga" along with other components that function as decorations. A wooden cow-bell (keroncongan) hangs on the cow neck and will make a distinctive sound during the race. This hereditary tradition has become an annual competition event as well as an attractive attraction for tourists.


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