August 27, 2021

Siat Yeh Tradition In Jimbaran, Badung BALI

Siat Yeh Jimbaran is a unique tradition carried out by the community in Desa Adat Jimbaran, Badung Regency. This ritual is held every year, which is the day after the Nyepi celebration or known as Ngembak Geni. At first, this was a “mekecel-kecelan” activity or playing water. Then, on the advice of the elders (penglingsir), this activity was named Siat Yeh.

Siat Yeh comes from the word "siat" which means war, and "yeh" means water as a source of life. This is a form of uniting water sources (sea water and fresh water) to clean or purify oneself called "pengelukatan agung", in an effort to get closer to the Creator, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Desa Adat Jimbaran has two water sources, in the east, namely Suwung Beach and in the west, namely Segara Beach. In the past, Suwung Beach was used by residents to make salt. The results of the salt are exchanged for various necessities. Meanwhile, Segara Beach is a place for fishermen to catch fish.

Therefore, this tradition is also believed to be an effort to maintain water sources so that people's livelihoods remain sustainable and obtain prosperity.

This tradition begins with the ritual of invoking for holy water. The youths were divided into two groups, the first to go to Suwung Beach and the other to Segara Beach. This procession is accompanied by Balinese Gamelan Baleganjur and Rejang Dance performances. After being given a cue, the tradition began. The participants splashed each other with water, and the atmosphere was filled with joy. This tradition is centered in Catus Pata Banjar Teba, Desa Adat Jimbaran.


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