September 4, 2021

Mapeed Tradition in Bali, Indonesia

Mapeed Tradition is a unique culture that you can see while on vacation in Bali. Mapeed means walking hand in hand without overtaking, and participants are required to come in groups. This procession is a special and fun attraction for tourists.

The mapeed tradition is usually carried out by Balinese women, marching in long lines wearing traditional kebayas and also carrying a series of offerings or gebogan on top of their heads. In addition, there are also participants who are tasked carrying some traditional ornaments such as: tedung (traditional umbrella), mamas, bandrang, etc.

This mapeed tradition is usually held as a series of piodalan ceremonies at temples and also during the Ngangget Don Bingin ritual. This unique tradition is carried out from generation to generation and is usually accompanied by traditional Balinese musical orchestra, Gamelan Baleganjur.

This series of offerings or gebogan can consist of fruits, flowers, or traditional cakes, which are arranged in towering tiers equipped with coconut leaves decoration. This is a form of devotion and gratitude for the gifts given by the creator, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

The participants walk hand in hand in a line and move slowly. The mapeed procession is accompanied by a display of costumes, gebogan and other ornaments, with beautiful colors and invites admiration for everyone who witnesses it. This tradition is carried out with joy and deep sincerity. Arriving at the temple, the gebogan brought by the mapeed participants will be purified by the temple priest and continued with prayers.


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