April 29, 2020

Pura Merajan Kanginan Besakih - Nice Temple and Holy Priest

Pura Merajan Kanginan is one of the temples in the Besakih Temple Complex and is dedicated to honouring Mpu Bradah and Bhatara Indra. Aside from Pura (Parhyangan) Merajan Kanginan, Mpu Bradah is also honoured in Pura Penataran Agung, and his name becomes the name of an inscription (Bradah Inscription).

Pura Merajan Kanginan Besakih, Merajan Kanginan Temple Besakih

This temple is located in Besakih Village, Rendang, Karangasem Regency, Bali. The temple is situated near Pura Banua Kawan, just a few walks to the south-east and you will arrive at the sacred temple. The public transportation to the Besakih Temple Complex is still limited and may be a little difficult for you. Even so, visitors can use alternatives such as: using travel tour services, a taxi, or rent a vehicle and drive yourself to the location.

For visitors who travel to temples in Bali are usually asked to wear sarong (cloth) and waist scarf when entering the temple. This is common in Bali and to respect the culture that has existed in the temple. In addition, you might need to prepare some money if there is an entrance fee to enter the temple. Meanwhile, for those who want to collect souvenirs for display cases, you can find them at the vendors nearby.

Mpu Bradah is a spiritualist figure, a wise priest and is believed to be the royal “purohita” (court priest) during the reign of King Airlangga in Daha, East Java.

It is said that King Airlangga had two crown princes and he wanted one of them to be a king in Bali. While the other one will inherit the throne in Java. For this matter, the King sent his court priest Mpu Bradah to Bali. Upon arrival in Bali, Mpu Bradah then communicated with Mpu Kuturan and hoped for support. But Mpu Kuturan did not approve it and the plan failed.

Sources say that Mpu Bradah is one of five brothers, namely: Mpu Gnijaya, Mpu Semeru, Mpu Gana, Mpu Kuturan, and Mpu Bradah. Mpu Genijaya is in Lempuyang, Mpu Gana in Gelgel (Pura Dasar Bhuana Gelgel), Mpu Semeru in Besakih. Whereas Mpu Kuturan is known as a figure who is credited with managing traditional life and religious practice ("Kahyangan Tiga").

The main shrine at this temple is "gedong", a shrine dedicated to worshiping Bhatara Mpu Bradah, which is also often associated with Sanghyang Siyem. There is other shrine called "Gedong Simpen", a shrine dedicated to worshiping Bhatara Indra. There are also bale pavilions and other supporting buildings.

The piodalan ceremony at Merajan Kanginan Temple is held every 210 days (six months in Balinese Callendar), which falls on Saniscara Kliwon wuku Klurut or Tumpek Klurut (Saturday-Kliwon of the week Klurut). The government of Buleleng Regency has been responsible for this temple.

The gods of certain shrines in public temple in Besakih are believed to have power over specific agricultural pest. In Merajan Kanginan Temple, at the gedong shrine (honoring Mpu Bradah) is believed to have power over ant plague. People who experience ant plague usually carry out "peneduh" rituals at this temple. It is said that Mpu Bradah met Mpu Kuturan who was meditating. Mpu Bradah was impatient at waiting and ordered red ants to disturb Mpu Kuturan meditation.


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